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Mauer's Mountain Farms

FarmCo transitioned a failed fourth-generation dairy farm into the first and only Heritage French Guinea Hen farm serving New York City's finest restaurants and the most savvy home cooks. Now, with more than 8,000 wild birds on its permanently preserved 400-acre Catskills farm, Mauer's Mountain Farms protects the drinking water for more than 9 million city residents while raising animals humanely and sustainably and delivering a highly sought-after product through a newly customized farm-to-table pathway.

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Catskill Mountain Honey

FarmCo partnered with Catskill Mountain Honey to establish the first-ever shareholder-based CSA for honey (a BeeSA). With FarmCo's help, the BeeSA is leading the charge in New York State to bring better standards to farms and home gardens to protect pollinators, like honeybees. Oh, and producing gallons upon gallons of deeply delicious Catskills honey!


Century Manor Farm

FarmCo facilitated the transition of this historic-but-inactive dairy and beef farm to a new generation of sustainable agricultural operators, ensuring the future integrity of traditional farming practices. A graduated succession guided by the retiring farmer will allow this 250-acre property to return to productive use.

Cattle at Sunrise

Bethel Creamery

FarmCo created a biz plan that strategically highlighted the unique kosher and organic milk produced at Bethel Creamery and growth opportunities in the value-added dairy market. Seeking significant capitalization to expand operations, FCNY facilitated USDA RBEG and NYS CBDG grants totaling more than $260,000 which were awarded in 2017 as well as a NYS DAM PDR grant of $620,0000 to preserve this 88 acre farm and110 acres of rented land in perpetuity with conservation easement. 


Gratitude Land Ventures

FarmCo represented a group of impact investors from Gratitude Railroad, committed to preserving viable farmland, forming a real estate LLC to acquire property for continued agricultural operations, leasing to a adjacent farm for organic hay production. 

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Dig Inn LLC

FarmCo worked with the Dig Inn restaurant group, renown in New York City for its commitment to sustainable and local food sourcing, to identify appropriate farmland for vertically integrating production into its restaurant and food service operations. 

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Columbia Hill Neighborhood Alliance

FarmCo organized a group of energized concerned Catskill citizens into a formidable grassroots community advocacy group to fortify their outreach and messaging for sustainable economic development and smart growth that respects the rural character and natural resources of their Sullivan county neighborhood.

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Catskill Art Society

FarmCo developed a business plan to highlight, inspire and support the expansion of the Catskill Art Society into a multi-level diverse programmed community center in the heart of Livingston Manor, to be used for grant support, capital campaigns and other fundraising efforts. 

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Callicoon Business Association

FarmCo advised an engaged community of rural business owners and drafted a project proposal for adaptive reuse of an historic train depot station into a community commons and gathering place in the blossoming downtown area of Calicoon.

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