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You do the farming.
Let FarmCo do the rest.

FarmCo New York's services are designed to protect land and its future by addressing key issues from every angle.  From acquisitions to grants, estate planning to market development, FarmCo can help you with your farm.

Here's how:

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Buy and Sell Land

With over 25 years experience in legal real estate transactions, FarmCo has a deep knowledge and understanding of farms and rural landscapes. FarmCo can help you find a farm or sell one in a way that preserves the integrity of the land and its agricultural legacy.

Secure Local, State and Federal Grants

All land is unique. Every parcel has qualities that make it vulnerable and precious. What most farmers don't know is that there's money out there to support and protect their farms. If only they knew where to look and what to look for. FarmCo knows.

Establish Access to Relevant Markets & Distribution Networks

So, you have the best escarole, the most hearty beef cows, apple trees going gangbusters? Are your markets robust enough for your production? Is your distribution network simple, cost-effective and quick? FarmCo can help you get your goods to the right places in the most efficient manner possible... even if it means creating new systems to do it.

Prepare for the Future with Strategic Estate Planning

How do you preserve land that has been in the family for generations? What if your grandkids don't want to farm it or maintain it? Then what? FarmCo has options that consider your family, the land and the future and works toward a win-win-win. Let us help you plan.

Preserve Your Land Forever

FarmCo can help you protect your land now so that it stays in tact in the future, no matter who owns it. It's the responsible way to steward your property and contributes not only to what's yours, but to the special look and feel of the area. That's something future generations will appreciate.

Design Management Practices to Protect Your Land

Owning land and managing a farm is a big responsibility. How does what you do affect the resources nearby? Water runoff? Pest management? Let FarmCo help you develop a plan that is cost effective and maintains the health of your soil, water and air.

Provide Experts
for Speaking Engagements, Panels, Conferences

FarmCo can share their expertise with audiences at your meeting, panel discussion or conference. From the big stage to the intimate meeting or brainstorm, FarmCo leadership has knowledge to share.

Develop Actionable Policy and Program Strategies for Organizations and Legislatures

Land stewardship, land use law, creative real estate negotiations, best practices for farms, pollinator protection, market development -- lean on FarmCo's expertise to develop policies with the knowledge behind them to make them useful from the board room to the barn.

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